"Horseshoe Openers" by Keith Bagley - Neilson's Mountain Hollow

Here is an offering from one for my favorite people. Keith has been a long time friend and was the one that got me started in forging and making damascus steel. Keith is a farrier by trade and makes these bottle openers from actual horse shoes. They normally vary between 4-5 inches and are most commonly forged with a horse head on one end, although he does do a few other animals when the mood strikes him. I epoxied a magnet on the back of mine and have it right on the refrigerator. These are a handy tool to have in the kitchen, camping or anywhere you might need an opener, as well as these making a very cool conversation piece or gift.

These openers are $20.00 each and one or several can fit into a small USPS priority flat rate box $9.50 in the continental USA (please drop Keith an e-mail for international shipping rates).

You can contact Keith directly for these or more of his work at... keithbagley14@verizon.net or by phone at